Top 3 best business podcasts of 2020

Top 3 Best Business podcasts of 2020

Today we go over my top 3 best business podcasts of 2020, picking just 3 was so tough but these are the 3 that I listen to the most. I like many others love a good podcast. Yes, there is such a thing as a bad podcast. Business podcasts are particularly exciting to me because I like the idea I can learn new things and learn about new people and business while I am on the move (or painting the living room).

This is a roundup of my top 3 best business based podcasts at the moment that I listen to at least every week or at least every time they release an episode.

1: Masters of Scale with Reid Hoffman

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Best business podcasts of 2020
Masters of scale with Reid Hoffman

This is the longest standing podcast on my list to date. I think it may of even been the first podcast I started listening to about 3 years ago and really loved it.

The podcast has taken many shapes over the years but the main theme has always been telling stories of businesses scaling and growing and how they navigate the trials and tribulations of business. The Host Reid Hoffman is the former Co-Founder of Linked in and speaks from a place of knowledge which also lends a character of verification and validation to the questions being answered.

I remember listening to this podcast almost daily while driving around Johannesburg going for meeting to meeting working on trying to build an agency. One expisode with Sheryl Sandberg I must have listened to 5-7 times I have no idea why I just really liked it. It is a podcast packed with timeless stories and information that any entreperneur or business minded person will love.

When the pandemic began they also started a secondary episodic series with business trying the navigate the changing times and how they where doing it. I listened to almost every episode while painting the house and working during Furlough.

If you are not following this podcast you need to be. I know the schedule of the episode releases off by heart and listen to almost every one.

2: Business Wars (Wondery)

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Business Wars Wondery

This one is a recent discovery (about 3-4 weeks). It takes the form of multiple episodes outlining the telling the story of business competing against each other.

The first episode I listened to was a series called, “Browser wars” it tells the story of the competing browsers back in the late 90’s and early 2000’s that I was too young to experience. There are dramatisations of the conversations and fantastic sound effects and production on every episode to the point where I will walk an extra 20min just so I can finish the episode.

The podcast is for anyone who really enjoys business stories and learning about how things unfolded and happened. These episodes extend over multiple industries from technology, fashion, food and many more. These are hours of entertainment for the business story listener.

3: WeAreNetflix

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This is less of a business content podcast and more of a podcast from within a business. Netflix is a business I just love how it started and how it has been built and I like listening to a podcast made by the employees of the business.

While some episodes are quite technical and engineering based (which as a software developer I also enjoy). They are also insightful and opens the doors on the Netflix culture that many have spoken about and hear about over the years.

I really enjoy following the Netflix story and this podcast is one way that I keep up to date with what’s happening and the next moves they are making.

Share your best business podcasts below

These are my top 3 podcasts at the moment but I would love to find more gems. So if you have some I should try leave them below.

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